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The lifestyle you want

Your life at home is shaped through your living spaces. Welcome's homes offer unique experience areas, and unparalleled designer-premium options not typically available.

Welcome | Luxury, defined by you

Unparalleled design

Our homes offer an elevated lifestyle. Our designs feature open floor plans, cutting edge technology, and expertly curated themes.

Welcome | Luxury, defined by you

We stand behind our pricing

Pricing transparency has been notably absent from homebuilding. Welcome's technology unlocks the ability to offer clear costs of construction.

Welcome | Luxury, defined by you

Sustainability & fair wages

We're committed to building sustainable homes. By mid-2023, every home we build will have multiple energy and efficiency options. We've also committed to ensuring our partners pay fair wages to everyone involved in the construction of your home.

Welcome | Luxury, defined by you

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Our customers love us

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We use our in-house tech to dynamically design thousands of properties and select the best opportunities for our customers.

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