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Welcome to the future of home building.

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Welcome | How it works

The build process

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Select your land

Customize your home

Secure financing

Close on your home

Build your home

Enjoy your new home

01. Select your land
Welcome | How it works - Select your land

Choose the perfect location for your new home. Welcome Homes has a number of properties available in the New York Tri-State area with additional areas opening up soon.

Depending on your selection, it takes on average between 1 to 6 months before groundbreaking.

Learn more about the land process
Custom location
If you are interested in a particular city, contact us to explore your options.
As a land owner
We can build your new home on a lot you already own. contact us to get started.
02. Customize your home
Welcome | How it works - Customize your home

Let our easy and user-friendly online builder help you personalize your new home based on your design taste. We have a variety of high-quality finishes, from cabinets and countertops to flooring with the technology updates you desire.

Once you have made your decisions, our lifelike renderings help you visualize your choices.

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Real-time pricing updates
As you make your selections, the total home price will update automatically.
Know your costs
You will have a finalized guaranteed all-in price that you will be able to present to your preferred lender for financing.
03. Secure financing
Welcome | How it works - Secure financing

Our team connects you with our preferred lender for the best mortgage rates and will streamline the process.

Your 100% price guarantee means no additional fees. Welcome Homes is your companion throughout the financing process from underwriting to closing.

Learn more about financing
100% price guarantee
No additional fees. Whether there is a change in labor cost, materials, or something unexpected, Welcome Homes covers all additional costs.
BYO Bank
You are under no obligation to work with our partner. If you have a bank you prefer to work with, you may certainly do so.
04. Close on your home
Welcome | How it works - Close on your home

Closing is the legal transfer of ownership. In this step, you are simultaneously taking official possession of the land and contracting for the build of your new home.

Welcome Homes makes closing simple by finalizing the documents before the closing date.

Learn more about closing
Built to last
Our warranty statements adhere to state regulations and are incorporated into your Welcome Homes’ contract.
Easy and straightforward
Welcome Homes has attorneys available to handle all of your closing questions and needs.
05. Build your home
Welcome | How it works - Build your home

After permits are submitted and approved, the building can begin. Welcome Homes has a team of experienced, vetted, and licensed contractors ready to work on your new home.

We enlist only the leading area builders to guarantee the work is top-notch.

Learn more about how your home is constructed
A plan for success
We create detailed construction document plans outlining every aspect of your new build.
Detailed construction guides
Our document set includes 100-150 sheets with specs on everything to the nuts and bolts.
06. Enjoy your new home
Welcome | How it works - Enjoy your new home

A building inspector performs a walk-through to confirm if the work is up to code and the necessary approvals have been received from local agencies.

If the home is suitable for occupancy, the building inspector issues a certificate of occupancy (CO).

Learn more about move-in
Your approval is welcomed
Welcome Homes will invite you to the final walk-through and together will create a punch list of any outstanding work that needs to be done.
We’re here for you
If you ever have a question about your home’s warranties, feel free to contact the Welcome Homes customer experience team.
Welcome Homes - Oasis
Welcome Homes - Oasis

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Secure financing


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Build your home


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