About the offer process

Welcome simplifies the process of building your new home. With a few clicks, you can submit an offer to purchase your home.

Your offer will be used to secure your property and builder for your Welcome home.

Welcome | About the offer process

What is a Welcome price estimate?

Our estimated all-in price consists of two elements:


The listing price of your property, set by the land seller.

Home construction

The estimated construction price is calculated using inputs from our Welcome partner builders. This estimate is specific to your exact model configuration and property. It includes standard construction costs, plus the required land development (grading, tree clearing, etc.) and add-on costs from your upgrade & theme selections.


Welcome | Property

Listing price

Set by land seller


Home construction

Welcome | Home construction

Construction estimate

Set by Welcome and partner builder


All-in cost


Welcome | About the offer process

How bidding with Welcome works

Decide on your offer

Once you've selected your property and design, you can submit an offer within our online platform.

Using our Welcome estimates as a guide, you can allocate your offer between a property offer and construction offer. Your property offer will be used to purchase the land. Your construction bid will secure your builder and guaranteed build price.


Welcome offer certification

Welcome will certify your offer by performing a manual feasibility check on your future home. We'll also gather information from you, your design selections, and the property to present to our builder partners.

During this process, we may collect personal and financial information, such as a mortgage pre-approval or proof of funds. Why? Builders and land owners typically require pre-qualification before accepting an offer.


Offer delivery & acceptance

Once certified, Welcome will deliver your offers.


Your property offer will be delivered through a licensed real estate agent. Property is purchased in a separate transaction from your Welcome home.

If you do not have a preferred agent, Welcome will assign a partner agent familiar with our process and the property.

Agents who are not already enrolled in Welcome's Agent Program will receive an education package and a dedicated Agent Services Representative to ensure a smooth offer process.


Welcome will present your offer and preliminary construction plans to our local builder partners.

If your offer is not accepted, we will provide additional guidance to help you make your next offer.

An accepted builder offer locks your guaranteed price and design. Any subsequent design changes will require builder approval and will likely result in additional fees. For this reason, we recommend finalizing your design before submitting your offer.


Closing, construction, and move-in

Once your offers are accepted, you won't lift a finger. Welcome will administer all permits and oversee every aspect of construction to ensure an on-time and quality delivery. That's our promise.