Realizing why building is better than buying

Daniel and Jaime had been looking for a home outside of New York City for some time. They originally planned to buy an existing home, but it was challenging to find exactly what they wanted. Some of the homes were older and would require extensive renovations and maintenance while others were too far from the city.

Frustrated with months of searching online, Daniel considered building his own home. He had no prior experience in homebuilding and after doing some research, felt that the process would be impossible to manage on his own. One day, he came across a blog post from Welcome Homes and was immediately intrigued by our streamlined, convenient process. He reached out to our Welcome Home Advisor team to learn more before deciding to partner with us.

"We realized it would be a lot easier to build a home with Welcome versus building it ourselves. During the first call, Welcome Homes explained the land evaluation process and during my second call, the design team walked us through our options and gave us a lot of information about the different products and materials that would be used. I realized how little I knew about the process and how much value we would get out of having a single point of contact that would help us make all these decisions."

Searching for the perfect property

Daniel’s first step was to find the perfect property for building his dream home. He came to the Welcome team with over a dozen properties he found on his own. However, he did not have land assessments completed nor did he have time to visit each property in person. Welcome streamlined the land acquisition process by assessing each of the properties for buildability and narrowing down his list for Daniel to visit.

After visiting the properties, Daniel further narrowed his list, and Welcome provided him with all-in, guaranteed pricing for each property. Factoring in these costs and the locations, Daniel finally found his perfect property with Welcome.

Customizing his dream home

Next, Daniel and Jaime chose the Oasis 3 Flex model and kicked off the customization process. This involves choosing the exterior finishes, aesthetic options (or “themes”) for the kitchen and bathrooms, and then additional upgrades to further personalize your home.

“The design process was definitely one of the coolest parts of the entire process of building a home with Welcome Homes,” according to Daniel. “I remember that we had a sense of what the different options were, but it wasn’t until the design meeting that we were able to visualize everything in the design studio, which was super cool. We could see a lot of those options really come to life and it gave us a good sense of what our home would look like in real life.”

Daniel also appreciated that he could consult our design team in-person when he had questions: “There were some things that we weren’t actually sure which option we wanted because all of them looked really nice, so it was great to have the design team help us make those decisions based on our story and what we wanted the house to be and our general style preferences. This helped us tie-break the difficult decisions, and I mean difficult in a very fun way.”

To add some final personal touches to their home, Daniel and Jaime picked several upgrades from our extensive offerings. They wanted a home where they could spend time together but also entertain family and friends. The outdoor kitchen and wet bar package upgrades were an obvious choice. Another favorite upgrade was the fireplace for enjoying cozy fall and winter evenings.

Financing made easy

The last thing Daniel had to take care of was financing his home. Welcome Homes provides a seamless process for acquiring a construction loan, which converts into a traditional mortgage when construction is finished.

Daniel recounts his positive experience financing his home: “What made things really easy was working with Welcome’s preferred lender who already knew what information needed to be submitted to the bank. The bank already knew what to expect from us, so the paperwork (even though it was a lot of paperwork) didn’t have to come from us. This entire process was pretty hands-off for us, so we had a great experience working with the preferred lender.”

Moving into his Welcome Home

Once permitting was approved, it took seven months for Welcome to complete Daniel and Jaime's home. According to Daniel, "The customer experience team made the entire process really easy for us. It was just very easy to communicate with Welcome and that made the entire process very seamless."

The Welcome team was present to walk Daniel and Jaime through their new home and answer any questions. When asked how he felt finally stepping foot in his completed home, Daniel shared:

Welcome Homes - Testimonials | Daniel & Jaime

"Honestly, it feels incredible to walk in here and see that our new home is here.

Just a few months ago, there was nothing here, and now we have this beautiful place that we really love. Just walking in and seeing the windows looking out into the trees outside makes it feel really magical. I can totally see me and my partner, our dogs, and our friends and family spending a lot of time here because it's just so open and it just feels incredible."

Daniel & Jaime
Built an Oasis 3 Flex in Woodstock, NY

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