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Select your land

Choose the perfect location for your new home. Welcome Homes has a number of properties available in the NY Tri-State area with additional areas available soon. If you are interested in a particular city, please contact us and we will explore your options. Alternatively, we can build your new home on a lot you already own.

The difference between a guaranteed lot and an estimated lot

When you search for Welcome Homes’ lot options, it matters if the lot is guaranteed or estimated. A guaranteed lot has been approved by Welcome Homes and guarantees a fixed-base price. An estimated lot has not yet undergone a full Welcome Homes approval and will need an engineering diagnostic to guarantee the price and certify the lot is buildable.

Location and size dictate land cost. You may decide to pay for the land and home costs separately or select the Welcome Homes all-in guaranteed price. With the all-in option available through our builder, you pay one fee for everything - the land, preparation to get it ready for construction, and the custom home featuring your preferred selections. The all-in guaranteed price secures Welcome Homes manages every aspect of the home buying and building process.

Depending on your selection, it takes on average between 1 to 6 months before groundbreaking. If the land selected does not have the proper certification, Welcome Homes submits a general feasibility study to make sure the land meets our construction standards. Timing is based on the land parcel, if any work needs to be done to the land, and pending building approval from the municipality.

Sample lot types and timelines:

Level 1
Minimum improvements needed
2-3 months before groundbreaking
Level 2
Needs improvements and earthwork
4-6 months before groundbreaking
Level 3
Requires work done and planning board approval
Up to 12 months before groundbreaking