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Secure financing

Our team connects you with our preferred lender for the best mortgage rates and streamlined process. You are under no obligation to work with our partner. If you have a bank you prefer to work with, you may certainly do so. They must be able to support construction loans.

Unless paying with cash, a construction loan is required to build your new home. A construction loan is a short-term loan used to finance the cost of the land and construction. The initial payment of a construction loan is used to purchase the land and begin the foundation. A series of four additional payments known as “tranches” will be disbursed by the bank based on achieving construction milestones. During construction, interest-only payments are due monthly on the total amount disbursed by the bank to date. Once construction is complete and a Certificate of Occupancy (CO) is issued, the loan converts to a traditional mortgage of your choice with no additional closing costs.

After the construction loan is finalized and the building commences, any unforeseen cost increases are Welcome Homes’ responsibility. Your 100% price guarantee means no additional fees. Whether there is a change in labor costs, materials, or something unexpected, Welcome Homes covers all additional costs.

Rest assured, Welcome Homes is your companion throughout the financing and construction process from underwriting to closing.