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Build your home

After permits are submitted and approved, the building can begin. Welcome Homes has a team of experienced, vetted, and licensed contractors ready to work on your new home. We enlist only the leading area builders to guarantee the work is top-notch. Our internal construction management and quality assurance teams ensure every construction partner maintains high standards and that the finished product is exactly what you wanted.

We create detailed construction document plans outlining every aspect of your new build. Construction partners follow the Welcome Homes plans leaving nothing to the builder’s imagination. Our document set includes 100-150 sheets with specs on everything to the nuts and bolts. This amount of detail gives insight into when we need to order materials so it arrives on time.

The Welcome Homes build process is standard construction - traditional wood frame stick-built construction which is typically used by top developers in the northeast. With standard construction, we can deliver a customized design and a better quality home. The frame is built on-site using high-quality wood known for its durability and longevity.

How Welcome Homes are built

Welcome Homes offers a modern design, high quality craftsmanship, and a warranty giving you peace of mind. Our warranty statements adhere to state regulations and are incorporated into your Welcome Homes’ contract.

The construction process follows protocol of a custom built home:

  • Land is excavated pouring the footings and then the foundation
  • High-quality, construction grade lumber is used to frame the home
  • Sheathing is applied along with adding the windows, exterior doors, and the roof
  • Exterior siding is installed
  • The interior build begins with routing electrical, plumbing and HVAC. The HVAC System used is a Hydro Air system, one of the best on the market. Heating is transferred through the boiler so the air is not dry unlike traditional HVAC systems which use furnaces making the air dry and unpleasant. We also install an ERV to recirculate the air and keep the air you breathe clean.
  • Next, we insulate the home with a spray foam, higher quality than the usual bat insulation. This keeps the air inside for longer maintaining a comfortable inside temperature year-long.
  • Recessed LED dimmable lights are installed. No light bulbs required like the can system used by traditional homes.
  • Drywall and tape are installed at a level 4 grade compared to level 3 grade typically used by home builders. This provides a higher quality finish.
  • A thick sub-floor is installed to reduce noise and support the flooring.
  • A high-end kitchen complete with cabinetry and appliances are installed.
  • Bathrooms, tiling, wood flooring and baseboards are installed.
  • Custom stairs are finished.
  • All 96” high interior doors and trim are installed.
  • Ceiling and walls are finished with premium Benjamin Moore paint.
  • The entire home is fully cleaned before move-in.

Welcome Homes updates you every step of the construction process. Our team regularly checks in with the construction team informing you of the latest developments and setbacks if there are any.