Partnering with Welcome Homes will sell your land listing 10x faster. Here’s how:

1. Remove your old land listing.

2. Create a new home/new construction listing featuring a Welcome home.

3. Generate 10x more interest in your listing.

4. Earn commission for the land sale, home sale, and a bonus.

A partner agent shared their latest experience with Welcome Homes:

“I had a listing on the MLS for 208 days. It received 100 views, eight saves, and five inquiries."

“When I added a Welcome home and updated it to a new construction listing, it received 1,000 views in the first 48 hours, 65 saves, and 10 inquiries. Within two days of posting the new listing, we received a full-price offer.”

It’s hard for buyers to visualize what a piece of vacant land can be. With Welcome Homes, we help buyers see themselves on the property in the home we build.

We’re builders, not agents or brokers. We partner with local experts like yourself to provide the knowledge and service buyers and sellers need.