Frequently asked questions

How does it work?

Once your seller confirms they would like to do a Welcome New Construction listing, we provide everything you need to build that listing: renderings, virtual tour links, narrative, and site plan. You will also need to execute an agreement with us and a new listing with your seller which you’ll post to the MLS.

How much will this cost me?

Nothing! In fact, we pay you more than you would normally receive in a land transaction.

Does the buyer have to build a Welcome Home on the lot?

Anyone can write a contract and buy the land in your listing. While we’d love to see them do it in conjunction with building a Welcome home, our primary goal is that your listing sells. You and your seller are under no obligation to sell to someone who plans to build our house.

When do I get paid?

As soon as the buyer closes on the purchase of the land, you receive your commission from the seller. If the land is sold to someone to build a Welcome Homes product, we pay you a bonus at the land closing and a commission on the contracted build price of the house once a certificate of occupancy is issued. The amounts paid will be in accordance with your preferred agent status.

Are you sure your house can be built on the lot in my listing?

Yes. Our engineers have already vetted your lot as suitable for building our models. They have even determined the best placement and land preparation costs.

Are these modular buildings?

No, they are custom-built on site.

Do I have to get the permits?

Welcome Homes handles all permits and approvals required to build our home on your lot.

Can we negotiate my sales price with the buyers?

Yes, you are free to negotiate the land price and should discuss this directly with your seller. The home price is not negotiable; the build contract is handled directly between Welcome Homes and the buyer.

What are my obligations to Welcome Homes?

Our only request is that you keep our Welcome New Construction listing live for at least six months (unless the lot sells prior to then).

Do I need to do anything or prepare paperwork to work with Welcome Homes?

We will need you to sign the Welcome Homes/agent agreement and prepare new MLS listing paperwork for your seller to sign.