How to Add a Welcome Home to Your Listing

Here’s how to turn your land listing into something buyers are actually looking for:

  1. Speak to your seller and share that you want to partner with Welcome Homes, a builder, to sell their land/lot faster.
  2. Take down the old land listing.
  3. Create a new home listing with photos, narrative, and site map provided by Welcome Homes.
  4. That's it

Three common landowner/seller questions:

  1. Does it cost me anything to do this?
    • Answer: No
  2. Is there a commitment or long-term contract?
    • Answer: No
  3. What if we change our minds and sell the land/lot only, do we pay them anything?
    • Answer: No. You can sell the land directly without a home at any time.

What does Welcome Homes get out of this?

  • Does it cost me anything to do this?

You get paid on the sale of the land, the home, and a bonus payout