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"Welcome Homes is doing a great job communicating and managing every step of the way. Just as if they were running the job.

There is nothing the general contractor has to worry about as far as financing themselves, dealing with clients, and other headaches. I looked at the long term potential for working along with Welcome Holmes because it’s not like you’re doing one or two houses a year. You’re looking at as many as you can handle as long as you have the right crew of people and subcontractors behind you to achieve what’s possible with Welcome Homes."

Matteo Osso, FMR Contracting

Why build with Welcome Homes?

1. Just Build – We Handle the Rest

We do all the customer-facing work, you never have to talk to the buyers. Think of us as your back office. Never deal with permitting, board of health, or other municipal approvals.

2. We Procure and Pay for Materials

We have established relationships with vendors. Order your material through us via text/phone, and it will be there ASAP. No need to shoulder any upfront costs ever.

3. Never Finance a Project Yourself / Never Bankroll a Project

You have no financial burden – your money is not on the line. As soon as you sign a contract, you receive a deposit immediately. That’s money instantly in your pocket before you start.

How it works

Welcome Homes | How it works

Step 1.

Welcome Homes gets a customer. We work with them to choose their land, design their home, and secure financing.

Step 2.

Welcome partners with a local general contractor. We manage the customer and the project, so you don’t have to deal with any necessary approvals or any of the usual headaches.

Welcome Homes | How it works
Welcome Homes | How it works

Step 3.

The general contractor receives an upfront deposit, site plan, payable schedule, materials and everything else to start building.

Step 4.

As we build together, Welcome provides you with more builds!

Welcome Homes | How it works
Welcome Homes | How it works

About Welcome Homes

Welcome Homes sells new construction homes online and requires local general contractors to build. Our team previously worked at Toll Brothers, Ryan Homes, and NVHomes and collectively built over a thousand homes.