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Software Project Manager

Experience: 5-7 years (Preferred)

Job Description:

Welcome is changing the way people buy homes, and we want you to help build Welcome! We are a fast-growing venture backed startup that is building new homes that are purchased online, customized, and delivered in 6 months at an incredible value.

We're looking for a an experienced project manager well versed in agile/scrum techniques who can translate feature requests into tangible tasks and communicate between departments to maintain project deadlines. This position is part time remote / part time in house and we need someone who excels at remote communication (i.e. email, slack and zoom meetings)

Responsibilities include:

  • Develop and lead a system of organizational control over our small but quickly growing dev department
  • Translate feature requests from team leaders into user stories
  • Use our PM system to enter tasks and delegating them to team members best positioned to complete them
  • Oversee the development of multiple in-house apps
  • Lead daily stand ups
  • Help with QA testing on new software features

Requirements include:

  • 3+ years of Scrum
  • 3+ years of Agile
  • Extensive experience in Project Management software 
  • Exceptional verbal and written communication skills
  • Ability to work remotely in an efficient manner

The ideal candidate will be highly motivated, efficient and capable of taking charge of a growing development department. We're a fast moving company with great company culture and a healthy sense of urgency in everything we do. We're looking for a dedicated Project Manager to approach the position with the same attitude, please apply if that description fits you!

Every employee receives:

  • Competitive salary

  • Stock options

  • Unlimited vacation policy

  • Full health benefits

  • New Macbook laptop and office supplies for a WFH setup*

  • $50/month towards online fitness apps or gym memberships

  • $1,000/year towards continuing education

*Optional: We offer every employee to own all equipment purchases through our 50/50 program. The company will contribute 50% towards the laptops total price and the employee will pay for the remaining 50% and will own it.

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Software Project Manager
Full Time | New York City

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Who We Are:

Welcome Homes makes it easier and more affordable for home buyers to build a newly constructed home without having to deal with delays and all of the headaches of coordinating with contractors, architects, and the many parties involved. We handle it all and streamline the entire process for the home owner from land selection to construction!

The upside potential for Welcome Homes is limitless. Home construction is one of the hardest operational challenges to scale and our vision is to offer Welcome homes on a global level. We are placing a massive bet to disrupt the world's largest asset class - residential real estate - to provide home buyers an experience that they finally deserve.

Leadership Principles:

Empowerment at any level - Give people more responsibility and let them surprise you - Investments into Personal Growth - Transparency - Love our customers