Most home buyers would prefer a new home; however, they often settle for an existing one because of the perceived complexity of building a new construction house. Why choose a Welcome home over any existing home on the market? We ensure that building your home isn’t complicated, costly, or time-intensive. Most importantly, we guarantee that your house is yours, with no bidding wars. 

See how we compare to existing homes on the market. 

A home built specifically for you

The best way to get the home of your dreams without worrying about being outbid? Build it. With low home inventory, it’s a seller’s market, and undoubtedly, if you’re looking at an existing home, you’ll be competing with multiple buyers. Statistics show that the first-time home buyer makes at least 15 offers on a home before being accepted, an emotionally taxing experience for most home buyers. When you build with Welcome, we’re not just building another house but your home. 

The market favoring home sellers means buyers have less negotiating power. According to, in August 2022 alone, over 1,700 listings in New York were sold at or above the list price, with only 960 being sold under the list price. With Welcome, what you see is what you get: our all-in price structure guarantees there are no surprises or additional costs throughout the build process. 

A new home 

Most existing homes require renovations of some kind before owners can call them their dream homes. The 2022 Houzz & Home Survey of 70,000 U.S. respondents, found that recent homebuyers median spend on renovation nearly doubles that of all residency lengths. The House Renovation projects are often costly and can be stressful if they reveal issues with the infrastructure that may have been overlooked or undetected during inspection before closing on the home. The Welcome Homes approach is simple and direct, from transparent pricing through construction with guaranteed cost of building upfront. Select from our many home models, and customize your home to your desired aesthetic through our curated design packages in our online design studio.. When we hand over the keys, we’re providing you with a brand-new home built to your specifications, eliminating the need for renovations. 

    2022 Houzz report on renovation costs

Minimal maintenance and lower insurance costs 

Older homes indeed come with a certain charm that’s difficult to replicate; however, that charm comes at the cost of repairs. When you purchase an existing home, you’re also inheriting its problems. These problems can result in higher maintenance and utility costs due to outdated appliances require more energy to function effectively. Cheaper maintenance costs translate into lower insurance costs, ie. The newer the home, the cheaper it will be to insure. The price difference between insuring a new construction versus a 10-year-old house can be as much as 53%

At Welcome, we are transparent about all our materials, and every home comes with a total warranty guarantee. Additionally, new construction homes are routinely inspected during the build process to assure the integrity of the work, so there are no surprises at the final walkthrough or once you’ve moved in. Every Welcome home comes fully equipped with Energy-star rated appliances, WaterSense EPA plumbing, and energy-efficient windows, which are good for both the environment and your utility expenses. 

A home you designed that is easier to sell

A house becomes a home when you’ve customized it yourself. After selecting your ideal model, explore our expertly curated themes through our photorealistic online design studio so you know what you’re getting when we hand over the keys. You can also select upgrades that range from functional and tech-forward to design-enhancing through our design studio. Our new construction homes are also easier to sell should you decide to move. Earn top dollar on your property with all the key features buyers want in 2022. According to real estate firms such as Fortune International Realty, buyers are looking for

  • An open concept kitchen

  • Fully equipped laundry room

  • Designated home office space

  • Outdoor entertaining space

  • A garage with storage

  • Energy efficiency 

  • Guest suite

  • Half bathroom

  • Smart home features

All are included in our Welcome home models, so there’s no need to remodel to get the most equity out of your home. 

Key Takeaways 

  • Guaranteed all-in pricing: We provide you with a total locked-in price before we start building, so there are no surprises or additional costs during the process

  • Guaranteed timeline: Seven months after permitting, move into your customized home at the price we promised

  • Beautiful design: Use the design studio as your guide as you select top-tier flooring to finishes

  • New construction homes are cheaper to insure than older homes.

  • Welcome Homes maximize home resale value and equity

  • Welcome homes are cheaper to maintain than older homes, with energy efficiency built-in for lower utility expenses and environmental impact. 

Ready to get started? 

Our approach is simple and direct, from transparent pricing through construction. When you work with Welcome, we are not just building another house, we are building a home. 

Learn more about our streamlined process 

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