Infill construction is a method of developing vacant or underutilized land into new construction, typically in urban or established suburban neighborhoods.

If you want to live in an established neighborhood but also dream of a new-construction home, infill may be the solution. With infill construction, a homeowner or developer purchases a vacant or underused lot—often in an urban or already established suburban neighborhood—on which to construct a new home.  

Infill homes offer many advantages
  • The opportunity to build a new, custom home 
  • A home located in an established, vibrant neighborhood
  • Access to amenities and conveniences like walkability, public transportation, infrastructure, and utilities 
  • Likely proximity to a city

There can also be challenges when it comes to infill. The most notable of these is ensuring that the lot you want to build on is actually suitable for the home you want to construct. Additionally, regulations, restrictions, and red tape can complicate building in an established neighborhood. 

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Tips for Successful Residential Infill Building

If you’re considering infill as the route to your dream home, your first step to ensure a successful build is choosing the right lot. Before purchasing property, make sure it’s compatible with the home you’re planning to build as well as local zoning and building laws. At Welcome Homes, our civil engineers execute preliminary studies to determine whether parcels are buildable and can support single-family residential homes. They consider factors including whether an individual lot has the footprint to meet zoning requirements and whether favorable land conditions exist. 

Working with a knowledgeable local real estate agent will go a long way toward identifying a suitable parcel. An agent with deep familiarity of the area and knowledge of the town and its regulations will be an invaluable resource, as will 
a skilled architect who can work within municipal constraints to design a home that meshes well with your house’s surroundings. 

Finally, to bring your vision to life, you’ll need a builder with extensive knowledge of the area who can handle permitting, land prep, and everything else that goes into new-home construction. 

Dreaming of new construction? Let Welcome Homes do the heavy lifting.

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