Whether you're in the market to develop your investment portfolio or looking to settle down in a quiet town, Chappaqua is the place for you. From the beautiful nature views to the overwhelming sense of community, you will build your dream home just 30 miles north of New York City.

Residents have the best schools, safest neighborhoods, and most affordable homes in New York City, among other things. Chappaqua is one of the most welcoming towns. Let's look at the recent real estate trends.

Community in Chappaqua

Life is a lot calmer in Chappaqua. It's not as populated as its neighbor, New York City. Instead, it's a sparse suburban area with a population of 1,434. Although it may not seem like much, residents claim it still feels like a "big small town." This might be because of Chappaqua's overarching community for the residents.

It is not uncommon for many homeowners in Chappaqua to host block parties, get-togethers, and even gather for town concerts at the pavilion. New families say it is super easy to meet other families. Community members can also extend their connections by signing up for classes and programs. These classes range from the gym to community clubs for parents. This opens up opportunities for new friendships with your neighbors. 

Chappaqua is home to several notable attractions, such as the famous Chappaqua Public Library, the Chappaqua Historical Society Museum, and the Chappaqua Center for the Arts. 

There's also an abundance of recreational activities, especially during the summer months. 

From catching a show in Chappaqua's "Jacob Burns Film Center" to walking through the trials of Graham Hills Park, Chappaqua has a lot to offer for entertainment. In addition, many people find themselves frequenting the plethora of coffee shops. 


Chappaqua has a tremendous education system, making it one of the best places to buy a home.  All three elementary schools are award-winning schools in the state. After establishing the foundation, children can continue their education in one of the two middle schools and finally close out with the one high school found in the area. Throughout their learning experience, students have the opportunity to express interest in all sports. 

Students can learn about a vast number of subjects. This includes courses for nonfiction film training and even three-year science research programs. In addition, due to the proximity to colleges in New York, most students find themselves completing their further education in nearby colleges. 

If you're trying to find a great area with access to award-winning schools, Chappaqua is the place to be. In addition, Kids grow up with their friends throughout their education because of the town’s small size. As a result, they develop closer and stronger relationships.


Commuting into New York City has always been a hassle. The city is packed with traffic jams, and taxi fares are expensive. With most Chappaqua residents working in New York City, the town developed a quick, cheap, and safe way to get people to work. The trains and subways. 

Many residents commute via train, with only 30 minutes separating The Big Apple and Chappaqua. For most, the train is the easiest way to get to their destination as they avoid traffic and save money on public transportation.

When the kids have school, they access buses and other carpooling services the town makes available. 

Real estate trends in Chappaqua

Real estate has always been considered an investment vehicle for those who want to achieve financial independence. But, for most, real estate means more than money. It's about the memories and the experiences they make in their homes and community.

Real estate has been booming in Chappaqua because life is calm, and there is a friendly community. Nature lovers find it a beautiful place to enjoy their retirement years. Finding a home in Chappaqua is ideal because it's close enough to New York City, where if the small-town life is getting a little too dull, you are just minutes away from the Big Apple and its cultural offerings. Whatever the case, people recognize the uniqueness of Chappaqua, which has allowed for a lot of growth. 

Chappaqua boasts a good economy. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, the median household income in Chappaqua is $141,800. This compares favorably to other nearby towns.

Many people recognize the growth that the town is experiencing. So, they've been modernizing the appearance of their homes to attract the new age of suburban lifestyles families desire. Most houses are suburban-style with modern amenities like solar panels, innovative technology, and contemporary living spaces. 

Some buyers will build new houses. Many houses are being designed with roofs that have room for solar panels. Houses also have fewer garage doors. Whether we're building new or upgrading used homes, remodeling apps make finding the right architects, painters, and roofers easier than ever. Homeowners can save time by hiring pros that use timeline transparency tools that offer progress updates, free estimates and send them 
new leads. The owner just has to open the corresponding app to find a qualified tradesperson for the job.

Why should you choose Chappaqua?

According to Redfin, many homes listed in Chappaqua sell for more than 11% of the original listing price. This is because there has been a tremendous demand for owning property in the town. 

People attribute this demand to the community, education, proximity to New York City, amenities, and the town's tranquility. In addition, people want to live in a comfortable house where they can enjoy their leisure time without worrying about expenses.

With the demand for homes in Chappaqua being so high and the value of the land becoming increasingly more valuable, finding and owning a property is highly competitive yet rewarding. The value of homes has increased exponentially since residents bought their homes. This is perfect for those trying to get the most bang for their buck.


How do you find a home in Chappaqua?

Buying a home can be a complex and challenging experience. With 40% of Americans considering homebuying as the most stressful event in modern life, it is no surprise that people are hesitant to make such a big purchase. One of the biggest fears for homebuyers is the extensive upgrades they have to make to their homes.

This is especially true in places like Chappaqua, where demand is so high, and the value of the homes is increasing so rapidly. People want to make sure that they're making a smart move with their most significant investment. Finding services that allow for customization of new homes and limiting the need for third-party contracts is the best way to finance a home. 

Welcome Homes is a great place to start if you are considering looking for a home because it alleviates the pressure of buying a home in person and allows you to do it entirely online. All you have to do is consider the cost of land, cost of land prep, and cost of the house itself. Once you have considered these three factors, Welcome Homes will help prepare the ground, meet land regulations, and even help customize the interior and exterior of the home, all while giving you the most affordable financing options. The benefit of this is that you can get the perfect price, not deal with extra contracts, and move in hassle-free. 


For many people, life might be better off in New York City or Los Angeles, but for others, they want to get away from the hustle and bustle of city life. In these situations, you might consider moving to a place where you can enjoy nature without worrying about traffic, crime, lack of space, etc. Life in Chappaqua delivers this precisely. 

From the award-winning education system to the booming real estate market, Chappaqua has the most demanding market today. As a result, homes are becoming increasingly valuable, and people are becoming increasingly welcoming. So, it isn't a surprise that Chappaqua life is for everyone. 

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