The World isn’t flat, and now, neither are Welcome’s homes. Today we’re extremely excited to announce the launch of the Tradition 4 Hillside - a model that can be built on property of varying elevation.

What does this mean for our customers? Well, it means that a whole host of new property options are now compatible with Welcome Homes. Check out the new Hillside properties now available in our inventory.

The Design

The Tradition 4 Hillside is our first model to be designed with a traditional exterior. Based on tons of feedback and lots of research around the communities we build in, we knew that a traditional aesthetic was important for our customers. The exterior is offered with classic vinyl siding, commensurate with most homes in the Northeast, as well as with wood siding options. While the exterior is new, the same amazing interiors you’ve come to love from our Oasis line is available in our Tradition line as well. You’ll enjoy multiple hand-curated kitchen and bathroom options which pair seamlessly with the overall openness of your new home.

Bonus Rooms

Not all families will use their home the exact same way. That’s why we’ve added Bonus Room options to the Tradition 4 Hillside. 

Over the next few months we’ll be rolling out a variety of specially curated rooms that fit with your life’s passions and function. From offices to gyms, theaters and game rooms - Welcome’s Bonus Rooms are the best way for your family to get more living out of your home.

View our floor plans.

Ready to get started?

Design your own Tradition 4 Hillside in our Design Studio or find eligible plots in our inventory

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