Our model designs are guided by tons of customer feedback and the latest to the Oasis family is no exception. Welcome Homes is thrilled to announce the launch of the Oasis 5. Starting at $880,000, the Oasis 5 is similar to the Oasis 4 Grand in transitional open floor plan design, adapted to a larger space, but now with 3 en-suite bedrooms for a true 5-bedroom home. 

Oasis 4 Grand and Oasis 5 Second-level Floor plan comparison

The Design 

The Oasis 5 maintains an identical first floor layout to the Oasis 4 Grand including a study, mudroom, powder room, laundry room (complete with laundry chute from upstairs), storage and utility spaces, and a two-car garage. Customers can still enjoy the option of choosing between two garage orientations, providing flexibility, and expanding compatible land options. 

 Oasis 5 primary bedroom, hidden pantry, living area, and study. 

The second floor maintains a similar layout to our previous Oasis model which includes a study nook, two additional oversized bedrooms with walk-in closets and a full shared bathroom. To create additional value and functionality, the team transformed the terrace and some of the recreational living space into a full en-suite bedroom with walk-in closet, creating two suites on the second floor. Based on feedback, customers loved the versatility of the recreational space but desired more room to grow in terms of additional private living areas. With the Oasis 5 model floor plan, you can still enjoy the adaptability of the recreational space while benefiting from an additional bedroom as the household grows. 

 Oasis 5 en-suite on the second floor          


We designed the Oasis 5 as a spacious, beautifully-designed home, optimized for growth, with the additional bedroom our customers have asked for. 

Ready to get started?

Design your own Oasis 5 in our Design Studio or find eligible plots in our inventory

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