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Introducing the Oasis 4 Flex

Our first Oasis Flex model that features a bedroom on the first floor.                                  



Welcome Homes
/ Jul 21, 2022 / 1 min read

Welcome Homes is excited to announce the launch of the latest addition to the Oasis Flex series, the Oasis 4 Flex. The Oasis 4 Flex is a 4-bed, 3-bath, 3,169-square-foot home starting at $685,000. This design shares the same open-concept floor plan, and flexible spaces customers love about the Oasis 3 Flex, with additional features to enhance the functionality and airy feel of the home. 

The design

The Oasis 4 Flex has been enhanced to allow more natural light to flow through the living room for a brighter entertaining experience, moving the office and laundry room to the second floor, and creating space for a bedroom and full bathroom on the first floor. 

Oasis 4 Flex powder room, laundry room, office, and butler's pantry

The design philosophy behind the Oasis series is a seamless blend of function and beauty which has been woven into every room of this model’s floor plan. The second-floor laundry room, expanded to include a built-in sink and accommodate more storage, simplifies a normally tedious task. Based on vital feedback from customers, we gave the shared bathroom on the second floor a bit of a facelift to include a double vanity, making a shared bathroom more, shareable. For an additional touch of functional luxury, the primary bedroom closet has been upgraded from a walk-through space to a fully-enclosed, walk-in closet. 

These small yet impactful changes allow your household to grow and give you the flexibility to use your new space however you would like.

Ready to get started? 

Customize your own Oasis 4 Flex in our design studio with lifelike renders so you can see exactly what your space will look like. Our process only gets simpler from there. With our end-to-end streamlined process from permitting and financing, to customization and construction, we get you in your dream home faster and at a price, we guaranteed before ever breaking ground. 

Learn more about our streamlined process.

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