I’m so excited to share our latest model with you, the Oasis 4. I put my heart and soul into designing this home with my team, and want to share a little about our thought process. 

Here at Welcome Homes, we have a few key design principles: we ensure our homes are thoughtfully, intentionally, and efficiently designed spaces that feel approachable; we spec high quality products at attainable prices—good design doesn’t need to be absurdly expensive; we believe design is personal, which is why we offer multiple kitchen and bathrooms looks, three flooring variations, and nine exteriors to choose from. You can personalize your home to fit you. 

And we didn't stop there! The Oasis 4 has over 40 add-on options to further personalize your home: heated bathroom floors, a full suite of smart home devices, a no-compromises outdoor kitchen, and everything in between. 

I’ve worked with most of these products for years and consider them high-quality and beautiful. So much so that I use many of them in my own home. As someone who’s been in design and construction for almost 25 years, I know a thing or two about quality.We can’t wait to build you your own Welcome Home. 

- Anthony Carrino

Design your own Oasis 4 today.

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