Selling land can be more difficult than selling an improved property. Many buyers like the idea of choosing a piece of land but have difficulty envisioning their new home on the site, and they may be intimidated by the construction process. 

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If you’re an agent with a land listing, the last thing you want is your seller asking, “Why isn’t my land selling?” Before you get to that point—or if you’re there already—consider these ideas for improving the chances of selling a land parcel.

1. Be sure your pictures are up to par.

Use as many flattering pictures of the property as your MLS allows. If possible, include pictures taken during a season when surrounding foliage is at its most attractive. If your property has any natural features like a stream, pond, or a view of beautiful sunrises or sunsets, be sure to include those images as well. 

2. Remove thick undergrowth.

If the land is home to an abundance of undergrowth, consider asking your seller to remove all or some of it at their own expense. Not only will it make for cleaner images, it will also allow buyers to get a better sense of the lay of the land and a clear understanding of where a house will sit on the lot. 

Sellers who are willing to remove undergrowth may also be willing to pay for some tree removal. This can be pricey, but a plot of land that already has a cleared space for a home is much more attractive to buyers.

3. Encourage a perc test.

If the lot doesn’t have access to city water and sewer, encourage your seller to have a perc test done to determine whether a septic system can be installed. Not only can you include this information in the copy of your listing, but knowing exactly how to answer potential buyers’ questions will go a long way in moving the process forward. 

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4. Partner with a reputable builder.

Builders like Welcome Homes can help stage your property via new construction listings. In a partnership like this, Welcome Homes will provide renderings of a house that can fit on the land and drawings of possible improvements that will help buyers visualize what a home could look like on the land. This also categorizes the property as a house on the MLS (rather than land), which leads to more potential buyers seeing the listing and property. 

There’s no doubt that selling land can be more difficult than selling a home, but there are actionable steps you can take to show a property in its very best light and move the property faster. 

Welcome Homes can help sell your land listing faster. Here's how.

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